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As our technology evolves it becomes harder for the youth to find an interest in the traditional experience of an art gallery.



With the vast resources of the internet and the instantaneous sense of community through social media, it is hard to intrigue and encourage learning through the traditional physical experience of historical self expression found within an art gallery.

Our research aimed to uncover the existing attitudes and opinions of young adults and their relationship with art galleries, exploring the ideal learning environment of young adults and reveal current social behaviours and habits of young people.



We wanted to understand the motivations surrounding the leisure activities of young adults in a way that could provide insights into improving their visiting experience with an art gallery.

For our research we facilitated a generative session comprising of various research methods such as sensitising exercise booklets, collage crafting, cognitive mapping, and a creative mapping exercise.

Check out the full research plan here.



Through our research process discovered a selection of key insights and themes surrounding our focus.
These insights and themes were then visualised into the infographic styled poster shown below.


Upon the completion of our research and analysis our group parted ways to work on the next stage of our projects individually.

We developed individual vision statements justified by our research (mine can be found here), and began the iterative conceptualisation and ideation process, which my visual report covers below.